The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
The Implications of AI in Digital Marketing
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This Local Woman’s Beautiful Personal Mission To Save Stray Cats In Dubai [Video]

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The Lovin Dubai Show recently welcomed Dina Taji, known as a fitness influencer, but also her story goes beyond just fitness. Dina has turned her passion for rescuing stray cats into a business.

Arriving on The Lovin Show Podcast with a bright smile, Dina recounted how her journey began serendipitously. It all started when she decided to bike to work to stay active, a mere 20-minute ride away.

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During her bike commute, Dina stumbled upon a stray cat, and from that moment, everything fell into place. Taking care of that one cat led to the rescue of many more, leaving her unable to ignore their needs.

Dina revealed a secret on The Lovin Dubai Show that she always carries cat food in her bag, a habit that attracts stray cats to her wherever she goes. This simple act kickstarted her journey of rescuing and caring for stray cats, transforming her into …

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