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How Desire Paths can Transform your Branding and Public Relations
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The Ultimate Time Management for ADHD Entrepreneurs Guide [Video]

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The Ultimate Time Management for ADHD Entrepreneurs Guide

Discover the keys to effective time management tailored for the unique minds of ADHD entrepreneurs in this in-depth exploration. If you’re an entrepreneur with ADHD or if you face similar challenges in focusing and organizing your time, this video is your guide to harnessing your strengths and thriving in a business environment.

Get strategies and tech tools that cater to the ADHD entrepreneur’s mindset. Learn how to leverage task management apps, time-blocking techniques, and focus aids that are changing the game for business owners with ADHD. Join us as we unlock practical time management hacks, from understanding neurodiverse-friendly scheduling to mastering distraction-free work sessions.

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🛠️ Tools:

Time Blocking

Amazon Links
Visual timer:
Whiteboard (rent friendly):
Pocket Notebook:
My favorite pen:
My second favorite pen:

Notion – always free
Focus Keeper – always free maybe? but I prefer a physical timer
Notebook & Pen – see Amazon links
Google Calendar – always free
Asana – always free
Trello – always free
RescueTime – Unsure
Calendly – 95% functional as free
Freedom – Unsure
MeindMeister – Unsure
X Mind – Unsure
Canva – 95% functional as free
Rewind – This is an app and a product

Facebook group:
Wyatt Peterson’s Insta:

Rewind Pendant

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🌟 The Methods Discussed:
Understand Time Blindness
Use Prioritization Techniques
Minimize Distractions
Harness Hyperfocus
Time Blocking
Routines and Rituals
Teach Tools and Apps

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