3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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Simplifying Business Strategy [Video]

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Simplifying Business Strategy

So many entrepreneurs want to ensure they are moving forward with their business for long term success but where to begin can be incredibly paralyzing.

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Christine McIver a Business Optimization Expert, Speaker, Best Selling Author, TV, Radio & Podcast Personality, and the Founder & CEO of Inspired Choices Network, a digital media organization that broadcasts the messages of conscious business leaders on over 450 global platforms.

During her 10+ years in HR leadership she developed a broad skillset in recruitment, succession planning, management development, and legal & human rights compliance, but for her, the biggest gift of those years was learning that people are most successful when they are in alignment with their true gifts.

Today she collaborates with conscious business leaders to establish their global presence as part of her life’s work of assisting others in fulfilling their potential and realizing their dreams and desires. Through her Inspired Choices coaching practice she guides conscious entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses, create and distribute content, and establish a global media presence so their messages can be heard above the noise.

At heart Christine is a brazenly optimistic cheerleader who lives fully in her true purpose, partnering with conscious entrepreneurs to optimize their businesses and maximize their levels of joy. She inspires them to make choices that bring them success, self-confidence, and remarkable change to ultimately increase their visibility and grow their financial wealth.

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