How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
12 Steps to Create Videos

Signs we’re actually in a recession, Effects of ChatGPT on Upwork, The perfect webinar, and more [Video]

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Signs we’re actually in a recession, Effects of ChatGPT on Upwork, The perfect webinar, and more

Neil Patel and Eric Siu discuss the current state of the economy, the impact of AI on content creation, and the strategies they use to generate leads through webinars.ย 


00:00 – Eric discusses the stock market and unemployment rates in Japan, Germany, and the UK
01:21 – Eric questions if there has been a time when these countries were in a recession while the US was not
01:54 – Eric mentions that economists can revise numbers and classify past recessions
04:44ย  -Neil believes that AI-generated content is not yet able to produce high-quality content
05:15 – Neil predicts that AI content creation will improve in a few years
06:49 – Eric discusses the importance of storytelling and impactful points in content creation
08:06 – Eric shares his experience of a successful webinar setup with Nathan Latka
08:55 – Eric mentions the participation of the CEO of in the webinar
09:13 – Eric Siu and Neil Patel discuss promoting a webinar.
09:30 – Eric Siu talks about his and the CEO’s limited time in the webinar.
10:19 – Eric Siu mentions Nathan Latka’s effective marketing strategies during the webinar.
10:51 – Neil Patel discusses clickfunnels’ growth through affiliate marketing.
11:37 – Eric Siu talks about Nathan Latka’s post-webinar message asking for Trustpilot reviews.
13:02 – Neil Patel shares how they increased webinar sign-ups through Twitter strategies.
14:04 – Neil Patel reveals the significant increase in revenue per webinar from their new approach.


The topic? You guessed it: marketing!

Brought to you by none other than industry experts Eric Siu (founder of Leveling Up & Single Grain) and Neil Patel (co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and top 10 marketers by Forbes).

Each episode features marketing tips and strategies from entrepreneurs who practice what they preach and live what they teach.

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