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Leaders, How Do You Communicate with Your Team? | C.R.A.V.E Leadership [Video]

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Leaders, How Do You Communicate with Your Team? | C.R.A.V.E Leadership

Communication is the bedrock of effective leadership. Join us in our latest video as we explore why communication is the key skill that sets influential leaders apart and discover strategies to enhance your communication skills for better team collaboration and productivity.

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Think about the most influential leaders you know—what’s their secret? It all starts with effective communication. In today’s diverse workplaces, poor communication can lead to breakdowns, misunderstandings, and decreased productivity. That’s why communication is the “C” in Crave Leadership.

Effective communication involves clarity in conveying your vision, empathetic listening, and feedback that fosters trust and understanding. Learn essential techniques such as active listening, focusing on clarity and brevity, and understanding nonverbal cues to enhance your communication skills.

🔍 Tune in to our video to discover how you can improve your communication with your team and become a more influential leader.

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I’m Dr. Amin Sanaia – an author, a professor, servant leader, and an entrepreneur and business consultant dedicated to helping others improve their leadership skills and use them to benefit their communities. I have extensive experience in leadership development and have made it my mission to encourage those in prime positions to wield their power for good.

In January 2023, I published my debut book ‘Leadership Attributes: C.R.A.V.E.’ followed by my second book ‘Empower Your Leadership’ a few months later. Both books give practical insights on improving leadership skills and becoming a better leader.

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