3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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How To Sell Your Knowledge In An Online Course [Video]

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How To Sell Your Knowledge In An Online Course

In the digital age, your expertise is not just valuable; it’s sellable.

Turning knowledge into an online course has emerged as a formidable path to monetize expertise, but success in this crowded market demands more than just valuable content; it requires building an influential presence. Jason Kirby stresses the significance of giving before asking, advocating for the distribution of free advice, insights, and connections to cultivate an audience. This strategy not only enriches the community but also paves the way for smoother transitions when promoting paid offerings. Kirby’s advice underscores the power of generosity in content creation, highlighting that the most effective marketing strategy is to provide upfront value, thereby reducing friction when it’s time to convert followers into customers.

🎧 Join us on Forward Obsessed as Jason Kirby unfolds the blueprint for leveraging your knowledge through online courses. Discover actionable strategies for content creation, audience building, and the subtle art of selling without selling. Tune in on your favorite podcasting app to master the craft of monetizing your expertise.

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