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How This CEO Is Fighting to Innovate Women’s Healthcare [Video]

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On this episode of “The Founder CEO,” we spoke with Kathy Lee-Sepsick, founder and CEO of Femasys, who shared her personal motivation for starting the company. Driven by her own experiences, she saw a dire need for better options in women’s healthcare, particularly in permanent birth control, and set out to create safer, more effective solutions. She candidly discussed the challenges of balancing her role as a CEO with being a mother, highlighting her hands-on leadership style and strategic vision for Femasys’ future. Despite numerous hurdles, Kathy’s unwavering commitment to improving women’s health remains evident, as she continues to lead Femasys towards significant advancements and support for other innovative technologies in the field.

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Main Takeaways

Personal Motivation and Mission of Femasys

  • Felt a dire need in women’s healthcare for better options, especially in permanent birth control.
  • Believed existing options were lacking and aimed to create something better …

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